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Client Education
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AzVMA Brochures


We offer 6 client education brochures!

Brochures are sold in packs per title.

Only $12 per set of 50.


Sets We Offer:

  • Canine Ehrlichiosis
  • Caring For Our Best Friends
  • Pets Need Dental Care Too
  • Prescription Medications
  • Valley Fever and Your Pet
  • What You Should Know About ... Cat Scratch Disease, Foxtails & Cactus, Heartworm Disease, Intestinal Parasites, Plague, Rabies, Ticks & Fleas, Toad Poisoning, Toxoplasmosis, and Valley Fever.


See below for a sample view of each brochure set available. 



Ordering Options:

Each pack costs $12 (plus shipping & handling) and will come shrink wrapped with 50 brochures.



AzVMA Posters

AzVMA also offers Client Education Poster Sets!

Only $30 for the set - which includes shipping and handling costs.

Sold in set of 5 posters shown below.


Poster Set Includes:

  • Desert Dangers
  • Dental Care
  • Prescription Medication
  • Spay & Neuter
  • Summer Heat Dangers in Arizona


See below for a sample version of each poster you will receive.



Ordering Options:

  • Complete and return: Posters Order Form (requires Adobe Reader)
    • fax: 602-249-3828
    • email:
  • Order online: Online Poster Set Order Form
    • Log-in is required
  • For questions, to order, or to obtain your log-in credentials call the AzVMA office 602-242-7936 or email