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Arizona Veterinary News

AzVMA & Allied Industry members receive a monthly subscription to AzVMA's newsletter, Arizona Veterinary News, centered on trending veterinary topics and containing classified ads and association updates. 


Archived Newsletters

As a member, you can reread and download past issues of Arizona Veterinary News through our newsletter archives


Advertising & Classified Ads

Search posted classified ads containing job openings and potential candidates, or subscribe to new posting notifications through the AzVMA Career Center.

 Interested in placing a classified ad to run in Arizona Veterinary News and be posted on the AzVMA Career Center? Complete the online classified advertising form to receive a quote. 

 Would you rather run a display ad in the AzVMA newsletter? Complete the online display advertising form and upload your ad artwork. 


Educational Pamphlets

Available for purchase, AzVMA offers printed and online resources focused on client education and the importance of veterinary care. These pamphlets and posters provide information on wellness, diseases, desert dangers, and more!


Award-Winning Pet Resource Directory

This publication is organized by Arizona cities and lists veterinary practices across Arizona. In addition, this directory contains important information about responsible pet ownership and regular veterinary care. The directory is distributed at public events, adoption facilities and to groups that wish to assist in educating the public about animal care. AzVMA's award-winning pet resource directory is accessible online.


Team Talk 

The Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona (VHCTAz) publishes a monthly e-newsletter, Team Talk, centered on trending veterinary topics, professional development and education; as well as updates and notices about upcoming community gatherings.