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VHCTAz Leadership Committee


Your Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona’s (VHCTAz) Community Leadership Committee is designed to provide insight into the direction, activities, and education topics for each “community”. VHCTAz has four veterinary communities: front office staff, kennel staff and veterinary assistants, managers, and technicians.


The Leadership Committee members oversee each community. They lead the communities that meet 3 to 6 times a year to network, socialize, and collaborate. We welcome volunteers for Leadership chairs and co-chairs to help plan and develop activities and increase their visibility within the veterinary community.


The Leadership Committee meets quarterly for in-person and virtual meetings to determine how best to serve veterinary staff communities with programs, networking events and other tools that promote career development through education and exchange. This is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer within an active professional group that serves the needs of the support staff in veterinary hospitals and clinics. It is intended to enhance the personal skills that help make practices successful.


VHCTAz invites interested veterinary staff to become involved. There will be many opportunities to make valuable contributions that won’t require a lot of time, but will help increase the visibility of the veterinary staff and their contributions to the profession.


Leadership Committee Chairperson:



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Interested in serving on a professional committee?


We are looking for experienced and vibrant veterinary staff members to volunteer on the VHCTAz Leadership Committee as a chairperson. Be a part of helping set goals, participate in planning of events, and determining the scope of services and resources to be offered to fellow VHCTAz members. Anyone interested in being part of the planning process is asked to complete the form below. You will be invited to participate in the next VHCTAz Leadership Committee meeting.