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Veterinarian of the Year Award Recipients
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Veterinarian of the Year Award Recipients

This award is presented to an AzVMA veterinarian who has generously contributed time and energy to the advancement of the AzVMA, the veterinary profession and the community for at least twenty-five years. Factors to be considered are professional success, service to the profession, community participation, professional knowledge and exemplary citizenship.

2000:     Howard Moore, DVM

2001:     William Wafer, DVM

2002:     Irvin Ingram, DVM

2003:     Marion Smith, DVM

2004:     Beverly Scott, DVM

2005:     Willard Ambrose, DVM

              Ed Monty, DVM

2006:     Chris Snodgrass, DVM

2007:     Chris Visser, DVM, DAVDC

2008:     John Clark, DVM

2009:     Donald DeYoung, DVM, DACVS

2011:     Ross E. Babcock, DVM

2012:     Wayne Anderson, DVM

2013:     Michael Ames, DVM

2014:     William Joslin, DVM

2015:     Ron Sigler, DVM, DACVO

2016:     Michael Lent, DVM

2017:     Curt R. Coffman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC

2018:     Richard A. Panzero, DVM

2019:     James F. McDonald, DVM