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Find a Mobile Veterinarian

Select "yes" in the field below and click "Continue". This will give you a list of the current AzVMA members who are listed as mobile veterinarians. Use the practice type codes below to help you choose the veterinarian you need.

What is a mobile veterinarian?
Each mobile veterinarian may differ in the areas they travel to and the services they provide. In general, "mobile veterinarian" means one who will come to your home to treat your animal. Some of the veterinarians in the search list only treat horses, others only treat small animals like cats and dogs. The codes to the right will help you determine the type of practice for each veterinarian listed on the results page.
Key to Practice Type Codes
SM small animal (ex. dogs, cats, birds, rabbits)
MIX mixed animal (veterinarians who treat small animals like dogs & cats and large animals like horses)
EQU equine (horses)
LG large animals (ex. horses, cows, goats)

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