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Arizona Academy of Veterinary Practice

Arizona Academy of Veterinary Practice

A select group of veterinarians in the state of Arizona apply for membership in the Arizona Academy of Veterinary Practice. Each year, to qualify for the Academy they must go above and beyond the state requirements for licensure by completing a rigorous series of continuing education courses. The state requires all veterinarians to complete 20 hours of continuing education in a two-year period to qualify for relicensing. The following list of AzVMA members have completed at least 50 hours in one year (2023) if they are a small animal veterinarian and at least 40 hours in one year (2023) if they are a large animal veterinarian.

2024 AzVMA Academy Members

Mari Lynn Anger, DVM

Kellie Barrett, DVM

Jonathan Bycroft, DVM

Elaine Chambers, DVM

Rebecca Cooper, DVM

Nicola Council, DVM, DABVP (Canine Feline)

Susan Crawford, DVM, CVA

Steven Dow, DVM, MS

Tracey Dutson, DVM

Celeste Flannery, DVM


Sarah Glenn, DVM

Sicilia Grady, DVM, PhD, DACT

Deah Hessian, DVM

Sharmie Johnson, DVM

Danette Killian, DVM

Carol Rowe, DVM

Leigh Shaw, DVM

Kenneth Skinner, DVM

Nicole Spagnolo, DVM

Julie St. Peters, DVM

Nanette Westhof, DVM

Teri Wiblin, DVM

as of 4/18/2024