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Through lobbying efforts and a strong network of professionals, we aim to influence policies that enhance veterinary practice standards, improve animal welfare, and promote public health.

AzVMA is vigilant in efforts to protect your license from laws and regulations that place unnecessary burdens on your ability to practice the best possible medicine for your patients and clients.

Locate Your Legislators

When a call to action is issued by the association, we count on members to contact their legislators. Follow these steps on how to locate your elected officials, or view the tutorial.

State & Local Issues

AzVMA has a legislative representative who monitors legislation and helps lead association efforts to protect your veterinary license. We also have important contacts with the legislative branch of the AVMA to stay abreast of national issues.

National Issues

AzVMA follows policies set by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) unless it adopts specific policies. The AzVMA represents the interests of veterinarians in Arizona and works with the AVMA on federal legislative and regulatory issues that influence animal health, public health and the veterinary profession.

Get Involved

Learn how you can have an impact on the future of animal health, human health and the veterinary profession. Your veterinary expertise can help decision-makers across Arizona and our nation shape public policy to preserve the future of veterinary medicine. Get to know your district's legislators and develop a relationship with them so when called upon we can have a strong voice for the best interest of Arizona's veterinary community.