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Supporting the Arizona veterinary community in: Student Scholarships, Disaster Relief, Military Support, and Veterinary Well-Being.

How We Support Veterinary Medicine

We believe supporting each pillar: Student Scholarships, Disaster Relief, Military Support, and Veterinary Well-Being is instrumental in providing opportunity & excellence for our community so it can thrive and continue to advance the veterinary profession. 100% of each contribution is applied directly to Foundation causes and is tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

Student Scholarships

The Arizona Veterinary Medical Foundation (AzVMF) recognizes the talent and dedication it takes for students to achieve a career in veterinary medicine. Advancing the profession begins with these visionary young people but it comes with a great financial commitment. The AzVMF has dedicated one of its four pillars to investing in future veterinarians and students of veterinary technology as they aspire to achieve a high level of excellence in their quest to have a positive impact on human and animal health.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, veterinarians are called to action. They serve as front-line responders and provide a support system to ensure that those affected will be cared for under the most difficult of circumstances. Many times this comes at great personal cost, including time away from their patients and clients, long hours of volunteer work, and the donation of supplies and pharmaceuticals to address the plethora of needs of those displaced, abandoned, or injured. The AzVMF has made disaster assistance one of its four pillars and will offer support to veterinarians who engage in this noble work to serve those in need.

Military Support

AzVMF joins all Americans in saluting and supporting the men and women of our armed services. Many veterans benefit from animal companionship and are enrolled in programs that help train animals to meet their needs, physical and emotional. Others have adopted animals on their own, but struggle with providing regular veterinary care, or having the resources to deal with a veterinary emergency. AzVMF has identified this as another pillar of its charitable giving activities with the goal of positively impacting the lives of veterans and their animal companions.

Veterinary Well-being

Veterinarians, like individuals in other professions, are not immune from the impact the daily rigors of their responsibilities have on their mental and physical health. Their devotion to their clients, patients, staff, and their own families, sometimes leaves little time for self-care and can result in an adverse impact on their physical and mental well-being. With its fourth pillar, the AzVMF will focus its attention and support for helping veterinarians achieve a sustainable work-life balance and access resources to achieve a healthy mix of work and leisure pursuits.

  • Executive Director: Mittie Williams, MEd
  • President: Dr. Hillary Herendeen
  • Vice President: Dr. Kara Thomas
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Ashleigh Kozlowski


    • Dr. Michael Ames
    • Dr. Wayne Anderson
    • Camala Bailey, CPA
    • Dr. Kenneth Skinner

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